Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh laundry how I hate thy....

let me count the ways:

one my daughter has more cloths that can't be put in the dryer then I do.  I may have a couple of pieces she has 10 times that, so does my son.

two if the neighbors or anyone walking by looks in my laundry room window three sets of eyes will be staring back at them.  My daughter likes the monster sweaters the ones with the ears on the hoods and some even have tails.  Plus the monster face on the front.

three I have run out of room on my line and had to go out and buy a three tier laundry drying rack to put said cloths on.

four cloths line drying takes way to long to dry, spends half the day waiting then it has wrinkles.

five once it is all dry it has to be put away.

six within a week or so I start all over again.

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