Sunday, January 1, 2017

So you think this post is about you, NO NO NO .....

So many people get bent out of shape or up in arms when they read something that someone they know posted.  Like it is directed towards them or about them in some way, even if it is in the smallest degree.

What I say about that, is do you have a guilty conscience, or something to hide, that you take offence to something I was thinking or thought was worthy to post or reblog. Well the joke is on you, it wasn't about you in any way.

I think that is why I don't do much in the line of personal posts or comment on things other people may post.  Just don't want the headache of dealing with another person not liking my opinion or comment on what ever.  But that stops now.  I want to get back into writing post, rants or what ever prompts me to write.

Oh and don't take what I am posting to be something I am personally going through either.  Most of what I post I have a feeling will be rants or opinions or something that I felt strongly enough to take the time to type up a post.

So with that said from here on in what ever I post, the topic, the subject or what ever it may be, isn't directed towards any family member, friend or even acquaintance.  Let me say again MY POST ISN"T ABOUT YOU.

Now if by chance I choose a topic that you may of gone through or are going through take it as a coincidence.  There is enough of examples of anything and everything online, on tv, on the radio and the what not that I don't need to get ideas of things to post about from those I know.  

One last thing if you don't like what I post or reblog then by all means just unfollow, unfriend or what ever the option is to delete me from that social network.  Speaking of sites,  you many see doubles of somethings depending on or where I post.  Now that is on you if you are staking me, joking, on more them one website.  lol

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