Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Intensive Core French.....

Had a meeting tonight at my daughters school.  She wants to do Intensive core French in Grade 6.  I wasn't sure how it worked since my son showed no interest in doing it when he was in Grade 6.  Just goes to show kids are all different.  There was like 6 parents there, not sure if that was a good thing or not.  But I figured alot of  parents had probably been through it for a previous child so they knew all about it.  Apparently they have like over 40 kids interested in the program for next year.

From what I took away from the meeting my daughter will love it.  Lots of learning but done in a very fun way.  Lots of interaction with other students and hands on learning as well.  Sounds like they make it pretty fun.

My only concern that it is done from September to the end of January then in February they have to do catch up in some subjects that they don't do during that time.  Subjects like Health, Religion, Social Studies and a couple more.  But as it was explained they do a project and it overlaps in 2 or more subjects so that is how they get the marks.

Maybe if she likes it she will do French immersion in Grade 7 and beyond.  Thankfully us parents don't need to know french in order for them to do it.  Any homework will be minimal and it sounds it will be the art portion that will be seen coming home it they don't get it done in class.  By the end of the time they will be able to read, write, speak and understand French at a Grade 9 level.  Very Interesting.

Wish me luck next year.

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