Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Wind Today......

is unreal.  It is pretty high, winds gusting at over 100km an hour.  I hate when the wind is this high.  The house creaks and makes strange noises.  Pretty hard to sleep it is that noisy.  I always think the siding or the roof is going to go flying.  My family think I am crazy but I just can't help to think negative.  So many bad things can happen when the wind is this high.

So no nap for me today.  I am so tired. I guess I can get a bunch of things done online while I am waiting for the house to come down around my ears, lol. Come on lunch time, that is when they are suppose to die down.  Not even my music can drown out the sound.

Of course today had to be garbage day.  Thankfully the city has made it mandatory to put all garbage bags in a bucket that they supplied.  So no worries about it blowing away.  Granted the poor bucket was doing its best to stay up right especially after it was emptied.  Managed to get it down around the side of the house before it tipped over, not sure I would of been about to right it up if it had falling over.  Seen some recycling bags being blowed down the street.

This it my day so far.....

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