Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My New Bookcase......

I was finally able to find the time to put my new bookcase together.  My old one didn't match my new furniture, plus the bottom half was some what broke.  I think the only reason it was staying together was the shear magnitude of books I had in it and that it was in a corner out of the way.  

I new I had alot of books but didn't really realize how much till I was taking them out of the old one to put in the new one.  As I layed them out on my bed, I quickly ran out of room.  I have  a double bed, lol.  It took me awhile but I got all my books back on the shelves and they are actually more organized this time.  I done them by author.  Plus I kept the top part of the my old bookcase, which I put in my living room so I could put my anthologizes, one off books and some other miscellaneous books. 

The sad part of all this it made me realize I have more books that need to be read then I have read, sigh.  

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