Monday, October 12, 2015

I am not left handed..........

I am right handed and you don't realize just how much you do with one hand over the other.  I hurt my should awhile back, doctor said that I was to take it easy and not to use that arm.  Well easier said then done, hence the problem.

I was in the shower, trying to wash my hair.  Lots of fun, NOT.  In the end it felt like I wash only half my hair.  Not even sure I got all the soap out.  Talk about awkward.

Sitting here typing, no problem can use both hands/ arms, but if I was to go for my mouse with my right hand, I look like the Thing from the Munster, using my fingers to walk my hand over to the mouse.

In bed it is like waking up with your arm asleep not being about to move it with out using the other hand to do so.  It would be funny if it didn't hurt so much.

It has been months of this and I thought I was getting better, hadn't had a issue in a couple weeks.  Boy was I wrong.  All it took was to clean out two cupboards, wash the two shelves and paint it and boom back to all the paint and lack of motion with it. grrrrr

Doing things with my left hand takes way longer and more concentration and patience that I do not have.  Guess I am just too independent for my own good.  Would rather do it myself then to ask someone to do it for me.

Not sure how I am going to managed the rest of my fall cleaning and decluttering at this rate.  Oh and Christmas around the corner after that, don't even what to think about how I am going to get that done.

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