Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The kids got there snow day.....

I got up this morning with the alarm at 7am as usual.  Hoped on the computer and looked up the education system web site.  It said all schools closed Due to forecasted  weather conditions.

I looked out the window and I saw nothing.  It wasn't doing anything.  There was a very light dusting of snow on the drive way but that was it.  SoI turned off my son's alarm and went back to bed.

About a half hour later my daughter gets up.  Yells out do I have school I say no she is happy.  So I get up for another minute or two to settle her in with the TV and her computer.  I look out side once more and it is snowing and blowing.  What the difference a half hour makes.

I said time will tell if it was a good call.  Anyway in my opinion it wasn't.  It is now the time for them to come home if they had gone to school and it is fine out there. It has stopped snowing, the wind is low.  I think they should of, could of gone to school.  But I guess they aired on the side of caution.

I have pics of the before and during and a couple others.   Fair warning the first three are kind of gainey.  I had to lighten them up where it was dark here at 7 am.

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