Saturday, January 7, 2012

My day today....

has been pretty good, despite the late start on things. I made pancakes for breakfast, grabbed a shower. I then spent some time online, facebook mainly.

I made shake and bake porkchops for supper with home made fries. I have a resse peanut butter cup for dessert. lol Were not really one for having desserts we usually wait and have a snack at some point during the night.

I change my bed, got to love fresh sheet. Cleaned out my bedroom TV stand. My daughter hauled out the Wii games and in doing so knock all my movies and what not out of the same spot. It was over due to be cleaned up so that was okay. Boy to I have lots of movies and TV show series.

So here I am now online once again, trying to do this and that. No shows to watch tonight, none that I know of, I have yet to look.

I must say not a bad day, I felt like I have been productive over all. I got stuff done and that is the main thing.

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