Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year is here...

so that means new calenders for me.  I have one on my desk that keeps track of the kids school things, car payments and the what not.  But I have a new one this year that is called Mom's busy year, it is a planner.  I plan on using it to keep track of things I do every day.  Like posts to gather, pics, posts to my blog and the what not.  Kind of will help me to see what I do on a daily basis so I will know that I have been productive.

I felt like I had one to many days last year that added up to being nothing done.  Now I am sure I always done something but some days felt like I accomplished nothing.  Plus it will make me accountable to make sure I do things for myself, like reading, doing things online and just general things for myself.  Keep me going with my goals and the what not.  Might even be a place that I can write down my goals so I can always have them handy.

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