Monday, January 16, 2012

There is an App for that...

as some of you know I got a new cell phone last week. I did make a separate post about it. Since then I have been trying to figure out the ins and outs of what it does.

Well I was tickled pink last night. While browsing through the downloadable apps that I can have, I found one for the kindle. Well I knew there was one just not that I could get one for the phone I have. I hit download and now I can finally read all those free downloaded books I have on my computer on my phone. I only have 28 but I am sure that will grow now that I have some place other then my computer to read them.

Yeah I know getting excited over an app. But you have to understand I finally will be able to get my monies worth out of my phone now in comparison to before.

 I need a life bad. If you see the one I had with my name on it please return it too me. lol

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